Inner Bonding is a technique that teaches you how to be loving toward and responsible for all aspects of yourself. You can learn to honor your feelings and take responsibility for your part in creating them, as well as the situations in your life. You can become empowered to stop your Inner Critic from running your life with its negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Inner Bonding can help you develop compassion for yourself – even if you don’t have any to begin with – and discover the power and preciousness of your authentic self who has much it wants to experience and contribute to the world.

As a Certified Inner Bonding Facilitator with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, I teach you the principles and practices of Inner Bonding while supporting you with helpful insights and observations.

I believe that learning to be loving and supportive to your true self is the key to a fully-realized life. My mission is to teach this technique to as many people as possible; creating peace, joy, and workability for themselves and the world.
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“As a little girl I came down to the water
with a little stone in my hand.
It would shimmer and sing. And we knew everything.
As a little girl I came down.
But in a little while I got steeped in authority.
Heaven only knows what went wrong.
There is nothing so cruel
than to bury that jewel
when it was mine all along.
I'm gonna find it.”
- Shawn Colvin, “Diamond in the Rough"